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The Staff

Chairman: Avshalom Elitzur
Vice-Chairman: Tomer Shushi
Scientific Committee: Doron Lancet, Nathaniel Wagner, Gonen Ashkenasy, Avshalom Elitzur, Gidi Fleminger, Amri Wandel, Omer Markovitch, Tomer Shushi, Meir Lahav, Addy Pross, Tal Mor
Previous ILASOL Chairmen:
1987-2000 Noam Lahav
2000-2013 Doron Lancet
2013-2016 Nathaniel Wagner, Gonen Ashkenasy
2016- Avshalom Elitzur
:Session organization
Amri Wandel is the organizer of the Astrobiology session
Avshalom Elitzur is the organizer of the Origins of Order and Complexity session