IYAR, The Israel Institute for Advanced Research

IYAR aspires to become the first interdisciplinary academic establishment in Israel to engage in basic research that stresses originality and independent thought.


The Institute's name (read ee-yar) is that of the second month according to the ancient Hebrew Calendar, the month of light and spring. It also happens to be the month in which the State of Israel was established.

Research studies at the Iyar Institute are selected purely on their scientific merit. The Institute promotes studies seeking to re-examine mainstream paradigms, uncompromisingly insisting on high-level research and strict adherence to scientific methods.

Iyar is a unique, timely institute in Israel's current academic landscape. Such institutes exist in other countries and boast success and prestige (e.g. The Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, The Santa-Fe Institute, and the French IRI-CNRS). As a research institute, Iyar allows long-term, interdisciplinary research, unlike the one usually conducted in local universities, due to their nature.  

The Iyar Institute has been established by a group of well-known Israeli researchers and is endorsed by celebrated Israeli scientists who are leaders in their fields. An international advisory committee of distinguished scientists is meant to oversee the Institute's academic conduct.

The Institute’s academic staff includes Israeli scientists who have already made scientific breakthroughs in their fields of expertise. In addition, visiting scientists from academic institutions in Israel and abroad are welcome to spend a year or two at the Institute, with preference given to those engaged in multidisciplinary research. Graduate and post-graduate students also play an active role in the Institute’s activities as part of their academic requirements.

The Institute holds joint conferences with other Israeli institutions and invites key scientists for short visits and participation in focused workshops.

For financial considerations, the Institute initially focuses on theoretical research. Relevant experimental studies should become part of it at a later stage.

The Institute already operates virtually on the web and in small work groups as well as colloquia. . Institute members who are affiliated with other institutions list the Iyar Institute as an additional affiliation.

The physical venue of the Institute according to its vision is to prefer location that does not host other academic institutions. That should ensure the Institute’s independence and emphasize its commitment to Israel’s national needs.

In aspiring for complete academic freedom, the Institute’s founders clearly prefer private or public funding resources rather than commercial establishments which may bring about strange interests. Nevertheless, the founders do not preclude collaboration with such establishments as far as the academic independence is guaranteed. Thus, the Institute's regulations include mechanisms to safeguard academic freedom while attending to the Institute’s financial needs.

Fund raising for the expansion of the Institute's activity is underway; we expect the institute to be fully operating in its new location within the next year.



The Iyar institute would like to thank Ilana Laitman, Adv. for her generous support of Iyar. 

The Iyar institute mourns the loss of a great scientist and one of its greatest supporters


Professor Yoseph (Joe) Imry


A video clip (Hebrew) in memory of one of Iyar's founders, Prof. Meir Shinitzky: