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Mission Statement


Life's origin, as well as the closely related question of life's existence in the universe, are among the most profound riddles ever facing science. ILASOL is an Israeli scientific society devoted to these issues.

ILASOL holds an annual gathering every year, in which physicists, biologists, chemists, mathematicians, philosophers and researchers of other disciplines present works related to life's origin and astrobiology. Presentations are peer-reviewed in order to guarantee high scientific level, while enabling a friendly forum for novel and unorthodox ideas to be aired and assessed.

We welcome scientists, students and laypersons to become ILASOL members (no charge), submit works and become involved in all our activities.

ILASOL's website will announce the society's activities and present the papers and presentations of its members for downloading.

Please, keep following this site's development and let us hear your suggestions.

ILASOL has been a member of FAO (the Federation of Astrobiology Organizations) since January 2005.